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Armax Electric has been serving the Electrical Industry in Lethbridge and Western Canada since 1985.  At Armax Electric we have a team of trained electricians that are experienced to offer solutions for your project.  We pride ourselves on our integrity and excellence as a company and use these principals to guide our projects from the planning stage, though execution and project follow up.  We are committed to safety and strive to create a safe work environment for our employees, our customers and other trades on site.

At Armax Electric we pride ourselves on the principles that we value as a company and we use these as a guide on all of our projects. These principles include:

  • Integrity- We are honest and deliver on our promises.  We only make promises and agreements that we are capable of and intend to keep.

  • Teamwork- We work as team players to achieve team goals among both team members and clients.

  • Communication- We have an open line of communication with our clients on every project.

  • Safety- We are committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees, clients and other trades on site.

  • Excellence- We won't accept "good enough".  We strive to deliver excellence to our clients on all projects.

Armax has the knowledge and experience to offer solutions that are tailored to your project through the planning, execution and follow up stages.

Professional Affiliations
Lethbridge Construction Association Armax Membership
Armax COR Certification
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